Tennessee Budget Data Explorer

The mix of programs and revenues in Tennessee’s budget has ebbed and flowed over time. Use the tool below to explore historical Tennessee budget data going back to 1995.

To understand the context and trade-offs behind this budget data, read our Tennessee State Budget Primer (what you need to know to advocate for public policies you support) as well as our ongoing budget research and analysis.

How to Use the Budget Data Explorer

Each tab can display single year snapshots or multi-year trends for individual programs, broad program categories, and/or state, federal, or other revenue. Use this cheat sheet to compare the information available on each tab and examples of questions each tab can help answer.

After selecting a tab, use its drop-down menus to choose which information to display. To download the raw data as an Excel file, click here.

Additional Notes

Some programs may not span all years because they were new, time-limited, or reorganized into other programs. In addition, expenditures represent actual expenditures as reported in the annual state Budget document — except FY 2009 expenditures, which are budgeted estimates as reported in the FY 2011 Budget document. However, the thematic program categorizations shown here may be different than those shown in the annual Budget document.

If you experience any problems using this tool, please let us know. Some tabs may be easier to use on a desktop than on a mobile device.

Our Latest Budget Analysis

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Key Takeaways Federal, state, and local governments share financial responsibility for Tennessee’s public roads. It’s been 45 years since Tennessee borrowed money for road construction. Vehicle-related excise taxes set at specific, fixed levels are the largest funding sources for transportation projects in Tennessee. The state’s vehicle-related excise taxes are not responsive to road funding needs. [...]

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Tennessee collected $743 million more tax revenue than lawmakers budgeted for the first four months of FY 2023.

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Inflation raises operating costs at every level of government, but Tennessee’s reliance on sales tax means state revenues may keep up with inflation better than those of local governments.

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