The Opioid Epidemic in Tennessee

The impact of the opioid epidemic in Tennessee has been staggering. This 3-part introductory series published by The Sycamore Institute in August 2017 examines how our state is addressing the issue and what else might be done.

Prescription pills The Opioid Epidemic in TN (1 of 3): Key Policy Milestones and Indicators of Progress August 3, 2017 - The opioid epidemic has hit Tennessee especially hard. Tennessee has made progress in reducing opioid prescriptions, but overdose deaths continue to rise.
Addiction The Opioid Epidemic in TN (2 of 3): Background on Reducing Demand for Opioids August 9, 2017 - Tennessee has responded to the opioid epidemic by limiting the supply of prescriptions. But reducing demand for opioids means addressing addiction.
Opioids Treatment & Prevention The Opioid Epidemic in TN (3 of 3): The Environment for Prevention and Treatment August 23, 2017 - Tennessee's capacity for addiction treatment is lower than the demand and out of sync with the geography of the opioid epidemic.