How Uninsured Rates in Tennessee Counties Vary by Employment and Income

Percent of Employed Tennesseans without Health Insurance (2012-2016)

Some Tennesseans are more likely to have health insurance than others. Age, income, education, and race/ethnicity are a just few of the factors that influence rates of health insurance coverage. The maps and tables below show how uninsured rates in Tennessee counties varied from 2012-2016 after accounting for employment status and income.

Note: The 5-year average uninsured rates shown here are based on data from the U.S. Census Bureau. While uninsured rates are often discussed in the context of a single year, the Census Bureau does not publish 1-year estimates for areas with populations below 65,000, which excludes many Tennessee counties. In 2016, the most recent year available, Census data show that 9% of Tennesseans were uninsured statewide.

Figure 1

Percent of Tennesseans without Health Insurance (2012-2016)

Figure 2

Percent of Employed Tennesseans without Health Insurance (2012-2016)

Table 1

Incomes Associated with 2016 Federal Poverty Percentages

% Federal Poverty Level (FPL)
Family of 4
Source: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (2)

Figure 3

Percent of Tennesseans at or Below 138% FPL without Health Insurance (2012-2016)

Figure 4

Percent of Tennesseans at or Below 400% FPL without Health Insurance (2012-2013)

Table 2

Tennessee Uninsured Rates by County (2012-2016)

Uninsured 1Uninsured –
Employed 2
Uninsured –
Less Than
138% FPL 3
Uninsured –
Less Than
400% FPL 4
(percent of population)
Tennessee i11.8%13.8%21.2%10.7%
Anderson County9.3%11.1%19.4%8.6%
Bedford County14.0%17.3%22.4%12.3%
Benton County13.4%15.6%24.0%12.7%
Bledsoe County14.4%15.1%26.0%12.4%
Blount County10.1%12.7%20.1%9.2%
Bradley County13.1%15.2%24.6%11.9%
Campbell County12.8%15.3%17.8%12.1%
Cannon County11.8%14.2%17.5%11.0%
Carroll County11.0%12.2%17.6%10.4%
Carter County13.8%16.8%21.1%13.3%
Cheatham County10.6%12.0%19.0%9.7%
Chester County12.5%16.2%23.7%11.5%
Claiborne County9.4%9.7%15.8%8.6%
Clay County13.4%16.5%21.3%13.3%
Cocke County14.4%17.9%20.0%13.7%
Coffee County11.7%13.9%21.9%10.9%
Crockett County15.1%16.8%24.0%14.4%
Cumberland County12.5%18.4%20.9%11.7%
Davidson County14.2%16.1%23.3%12.9%
Decatur County11.2%13.8%21.3%10.3%
DeKalb County13.5%14.5%26.0%11.9%
Dickson County11.7%12.5%22.7%10.9%
Dyer County10.8%13.8%18.2%10.2%
Fayette County9.1%10.0%19.3%8.0%
Fentress County13.2%19.2%17.8%12.1%
Franklin County9.9%12.4%23.2%9.4%
Gibson County10.5%14.5%15.9%9.6%
Giles County11.7%14.0%24.4%11.5%
Grainger County10.6%14.3%16.4%9.8%
Greene County12.1%14.2%21.0%11.3%
Grundy County19.3%24.1%23.3%18.5%
Hamblen County14.6%17.8%25.3%13.5%
Hamilton County10.5%12.8%21.0%9.5%
Hancock County12.8%14.8%16.6%12.4%
Hardeman County12.4%14.4%17.9%11.2%
Hardin County13.4%16.3%20.9%12.6%
Hawkins County11.0%14.0%18.8%10.2%
Haywood County11.5%12.8%17.7%11.1%
Henderson County10.9%12.0%18.5%9.9%
Henry County10.9%13.8%17.4%10.1%
Hickman County15.0%18.1%26.1%14.0%
Houston County12.5%16.2%23.1%11.9%
Humphreys County10.0%12.4%20.4%9.0%
Jackson County14.3%17.0%21.9%13.3%
Jefferson County11.4%14.1%20.2%10.6%
Johnson County12.7%16.3%20.4%12.4%
Knox County9.9%11.7%19.9%9.1%
Lake County13.0%17.1%13.2%12.0%
Lauderdale County13.5%16.5%19.2%12.9%
Lawrence County16.2%14.8%33.8%15.7%
Lewis County14.7%20.6%23.6%13.0%
Lincoln County10.9%12.9%19.5%10.4%
Loudon County11.6%15.3%22.3%10.8%
McMinn County11.5%16.6%18.8%10.6%
McNairy County10.6%12.2%16.2%12.5%
Macon County11.5%15.0%23.8%10.8%
Madison County11.6%13.4%21.2%9.4%
Marion County11.1%13.3%20.9%10.8%
Marshall County11.6%14.1%19.1%10.1%
Maury County13.5%14.9%23.4%10.2%
Meigs County11.3%13.8%13.4%10.5%
Monroe County12.7%15.4%21.8%11.6%
Montgomery County10.4%13.6%17.7%8.9%
Moore County9.4%13.0%19.1%8.6%
Morgan County12.1%12.5%17.5%11.6%
Obion County13.8%15.5%22.3%12.9%
Overton County11.3%14.9%20.7%10.7%
Perry County16.9%20.6%27.4%16.3%
Pickett County12.9%19.4%21.8%12.8%
Polk County10.8%11.6%23.4%10.1%
Putnam County12.4%14.2%21.6%11.3%
Rhea County10.5%12.9%19.7%10.3%
Roane County9.8%11.4%17.0%9.1%
Robertson County10.3%12.5%17.2%8.7%
Rutherford County11.1%12.2%22.3%9.7%
Scott County12.9%15.4%15.6%11.9%
Sequatchie County10.5%11.9%18.3%9.5%
Sevier County18.3%24.3%28.7%17.1%
Shelby County13.7%15%22.6%12.5%
Smith County9.7%10.7%18.3%8.5%
Stewart County10.5%11.7%16.3%9.7%
Sullivan County10.7%13.2%18.7%9.9%
Sumner County9.6%11.6%20.6%8.0%
Tipton County11.2%13.0%22.6%9.9%
Trousdale County12.3%12.8%21.4%10.9%
Unicoi County11.6%13.9%19.4%10.7%
Union County12.1%13.5%19.6%10.7%
Van Buren County12.2%16.5%19.3%11.1%
Warren County12.7%17.0%16.7%12.0%
Washington County11.1%13.5%21.6%10.3%
Wayne County12.1%14.9%18.0%10.9%
Weakley County9.4%12.1%13.8%8.4%
White County12.8%14.1%19.1%12.6%
Williamson County5.2%5.8%24.0%3.9%
Wilson County8.0%9.1%18.6%6.7%
Source: 2012-2016 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates (1)

1 The percentage of individuals of all ages who did not have health insurance.

2 The percentage of individuals of all ages who are employed who did not have health insurance.

3 The percentage of individuals of all ages with household incomes at or below 138% of the federal poverty level who did not have health insurance.

4 The percentage of individuals of all ages with household incomes at or below 400% of the federal poverty level who did not have health insurance.


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1. U.S. Census Bureau. 2012-2016 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates. [Online] 2017. Accessed via
2. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Computations for the 2016 Poverty Guidelines. [Online] April 25, 2016.

*This post was updated on 1/31/18 to display the correct titles for Figures 1-4.

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