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Community Connection: Unemployment Insurance in Tenessee

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a historic spike in people filing for unemployment benefits. Join The Sycamore Institute for a conversation about Tennessee’s unemployment insurance program — what it is, who it covers, how it’s funded, where it stands compared to other states, and what’s been changed recently.

Community Connection: The Numbers Don’t Lie…or Do They?

From the pandemic to politics to the recession, you’re often bombarded with conflicting information. How do you know what’s reliable? Join us for a digital happy hour on September 2nd to learn how savvy consumers of news and statistics use critical thinking to navigate the confusion and sort good info from bad. Register at: […]

Lifting the Veil on Tennessee’s Budget with the Sycamore Institute

While it may sometimes go unnoticed, most nonprofit work is tied to or affected by government funding decisions. Some nonprofits carry out their missions with the direct support of government dollars. All are working on issues and in environments that are shaped by the financial decision-making of our public sector leaders. Tennessee’s state budget is […]

$15 – $30

Community Connection: Public Health Infrastructure in Tennessee

Join The Sycamore Institute, ETSU's Center for Rural Health Research, and Tennessee Institute of Public Health (TNIPH) for a conversation on public health in Tennessee. From the flu to salmonella to COVID-19, major disease outbreaks often focus the public eye on public health. But what does that phrase mean, exactly? Join our discussion of what […]