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Spring 2021 Sycamore Institute Interns Meet Our Spring 2021 Interns: Jaymee and Will March 17, 2021 - Get to know Jaymee and Will, Sycamore's current spring 2021 interns.
Tennessee Tax Revenue Tracker - February 2021 Tennessee Tax Revenue Tracker for FY 2021 March 15, 2021 - Through February 2021, Tennessee collected about $1.3 billion (16%) more tax revenue than lawmakers originally budgeted for this point in the fiscal year.
Gov. Bill Lee at 2021 State of the State address The Budget in Brief: Summary of Gov. Lee’s FY 2022 Recommended Budget February 22, 2021 - The plan reflects much higher-than-expected revenues and directs the largest amounts to capital improvements/maintenance, structural balance, and economic development.
TennCare III: Frequently Asked Questions February 5, 2021 - Is Tennessee's new Medicaid waiver a block grant? Get clear, concise answers to 13 frequently asked questions just like that one.
$100 Bill Revealed Behind Paper Tennessee May Have an Extra $3 Billion to Budget this Year February 2, 2021 - Tennessee collected far more tax revenue than expected over the last year, leaving Gov. Lee and state lawmakers with a lot of money to allocate.
Tennesseans with at Least an Associate’s Degree (2015-2019) 2019 Income, Poverty, Education, and Insurance Coverage in Tennessee’s 95 Counties January 25, 2021 - Census data for Tennessee's 95 counties continue to show large differences in household income, poverty, education level, and health insurance coverage.