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Meet Our Summer 2023 Interns: Ean Amberger & Grey Beaubien May 18, 2023 - Get to know Ean and Grey, two of our summer 2023 interns.
Tennessee Tax Revenue Tracker- March 2023 Tennessee Tax Revenue Tracker for FY 2023 April 18, 2023 - As of March 31, 2023, Tennessee had collected about 69% of the $19.5 billion in total budgeted revenue for the current fiscal year. 
3rd Grade Reading, Child Poverty, and Economic Mobility in Tennessee April 5, 2023 - A child’s reading skills by the end of 3rd grade influence their odds of success in school and beyond — which means these gaps are important for understanding lifelong success.
2021 Income, Poverty, Health Insurance Coverage, and Education in Tennessee’s 95 Counties March 28, 2023 - Tennessee’s 95 counties continue to experience differences in income level, poverty rates, health insurance status, and educational attainment.
Meet our staff: Grace Graves Meet Our Staff: Grace Graves March 14, 2023 - The Sycamore Institute recently welcomed Grace Graves to our full-time staff as communications and engagement manager.
Franklin TN What’s in Gov. Lee’s 2023 Transportation Modernization Act February 24, 2023 - Gov. Bill Lee released his $55.6 billion recommendation for the state’s FY 2024 Budget — along with recommended changes for FY 2023.