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Tennessee Tax Revenue Tracker - December 2022 Tennessee Tax Revenue Tracker for FY 2023 January 18, 2023 - Tennessee collected $743 million more tax revenue than lawmakers budgeted for the first four months of FY 2023.
Tennessee’s Official Poverty Rates Remain Higher than the National Rates 2021 Census Data on Income & Poverty in Tennessee December 19, 2022 - Tennessee saw continued improvements in measures of poverty and median household income last year.
Educational Attainment is Trending Up for Black, Hispanic, and White Tennesseans, But at Different Rates 2021 Census Data on Tennesseans’ Education Levels December 19, 2022 - Over the last decade, median earnings have grown for Tennesseans at every level of education after adjusting for inflation.
Tennessee’s Uninsured Rate Held Steady in 2021 2021 Census Data on Health Insurance Coverage in Tennessee December 19, 2022 - Men, Hispanics, younger adults, the unemployed, and people with less education and income are the most likely to be uninsured in Tennessee.
Child poverty report images (1) Child and Family Poverty in Tennessee September 14, 2022 - An estimated 278,000 Tennessee children below the age of 18 live in households with incomes below the poverty line.
Brian Straessle and Mandy Pellegrin with Sycamore Logo Founding Members of Sycamore’s Leadership Team Step into New Roles September 1, 2022 - Brian Straessle has been named interim executive director of the Sycamore Institute, and Mandy Pellegrin will now serve as deputy director.