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Tennessee State Capitol What You Might Have Missed in the 2019 Legislative Session May 22, 2019 - Changes to TennCare, education, criminal justice, online sales tax, sports betting, and fiscal notes had significant budget implications.
Pills on Dollar Bills Medical Debt 101: How a Medical Bill Becomes Medical Debt May 8, 2019 - Medical debt is unique from other types of debt for its connection to health-related circumstances that individuals often cannot predict or control.
Piggy Bank Stethoscope and Dollar Bills Medical Debt in Tennessee: Who Has It and Why Does It Matter? May 8, 2019 - Medical debt is surprisingly common in Tennessee across most demographic and socioeconomic groups, and it can have far-reaching effects on prosperity and health.
Tennessee Health Care Capacity Dashboard Tennessee Health Care Capacity Dashboard May 2, 2019 - Data on the hospital, primary care, and substance abuse/mental health care resources available in each of Tennessee's 95 counties.
Bill Lee at podium Summary of Gov. Lee’s FY 2020 Amended Budget April 22, 2019 - Governor Lee's FY 2020 budget amendment increases state expenditures by $208.7 million relative to the recommendation submitted in March.
Block + Grants = Question Mark Medicaid Block Grants: The Unknown Details Matter April 5, 2019 - Critical details are missing from a proposed Medicaid block grant for Tennessee. Its effect on TennCare's budget and flexibility from federal rules are unclear.