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Haslam and Parker at a TN state prison Budgeting for Incarceration in Tennessee February 14, 2019 - Facts and trends on how Tennessee budgets for incarceration of state prisoners, which is consistently among the largest state revenue expenses.
Empty Office The Economic Cost of ACEs in Tennessee February 1, 2019 - The economic cost of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) among Tennessee adults was $5.2 billion in direct medical costs and lost productivity in 2017.
fashion-person-woman-hand Tennessee’s Budget May Not Be Ready for the Next Recession January 3, 2019 - Tennessee's budget may not have enough rainy day reserves to withstand the next recession without tax hikes or spending cuts.
Tennesseans with at Least an Associate's Degree (2013-2017) Income, Poverty, Education & Insurance Coverage in Tennessee December 18, 2018 - Census data show large differences in household income, poverty, education, and health insurance status between Tennessee’s rural and urban counties.
Life Expectancy at Birth in Tennessee Where You Live Affects How Long You Live November 26, 2018 - Our neighborhoods can affect our access to factors that influence health. Use the map to explore how life expectancy varies across Tennessee communities.
Reaching Out 5 Issues for Tennessee’s Next Governor and General Assembly November 1, 2018 - No matter who wins the election, these 5 challenges could keep Tennessee’s next governor and General Assembly busy throughout 2019 and beyond.