Other Recent Work

Calloway Rougemont Carter Sycamore Expands Staff and Board of Directors March 8, 2019 - Seb Rougemont, Judge Sheila Calloway, and Pamela Carter join the Sycamore family.
Community Building Workshop in Chattanooga Community Supervision, Prison Releases, and Recidivism in Tennessee March 1, 2019 - The cycle of supervision, release, and recidivism is a significant driver of Tennessee's state prisoner population.
Hallway with jail cells Pre-Trial Detention in Tennessee March 1, 2019 - Half of Tennessee’s local jail inmates in 2018 were people awaiting trial, conviction, or acquittal for felony or misdemeanor charges – up from 30% in 1990.
Tennessee State Prison Entrance Sign Incarceration in Tennessee: Who, Where, Why, and How Long? February 14, 2019 - Current and historical incarceration trends for Tennessee's state prisoner population provide context for discussions about criminal justice reform.
Haslam and Parker at a TN state prison Budgeting for Incarceration in Tennessee February 14, 2019 - Facts and trends on how Tennessee budgets for incarceration of state prisoners, which is consistently among the largest state revenue expenses.
Empty Office The Economic Cost of ACEs in Tennessee February 1, 2019 - The economic cost of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) among Tennessee adults was $5.2 billion in direct medical costs and lost productivity in 2017.