Other Recent Work

Anthony Bass Pershing Sycamore Adds Anthony & Bass to Staff, Pershing to Board September 12, 2019 - Brittney Anthony, Ryan Bass, and Karen Pershing add to Sycamore’s issue expertise and ability to engage with policymakers and communities across Tennessee
Sign advertising fast auto loans and payday loans Medical Debt Across Tennessee’s 95 Counties June 3, 2019 - Counties with high rates of medical debt tend to have more uninsured residents, auto/retail loans and delinquencies, and payday lenders per capita.
Tennessee State Capitol What You Might Have Missed in the 2019 Legislative Session May 22, 2019 - Changes to TennCare, education, criminal justice, online sales tax, sports betting, and fiscal notes had significant budget implications.
Pills on Dollar Bills Medical Debt 101: How a Medical Bill Becomes Medical Debt May 8, 2019 - Medical debt is unique from other types of debt for its connection to health-related circumstances that individuals often cannot predict or control.
Piggy Bank Stethoscope and Dollar Bills Medical Debt in Tennessee: Who Has It and Why Does It Matter? May 8, 2019 - Medical debt is surprisingly common in Tennessee across most demographic and socioeconomic groups, and it can have far-reaching effects on prosperity and health.
Tennessee Health Care Capacity Dashboard Tennessee Health Care Capacity Dashboard May 2, 2019 - Data on the hospital, primary care, and substance abuse/mental health care resources available in each of Tennessee's 95 counties.