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Brian Straessle and Mandy Pellegrin with Sycamore Logo Founding Members of Sycamore’s Leadership Team Step into New Roles September 1, 2022 - Brian Straessle has been named interim executive director of the Sycamore Institute, and Mandy Pellegrin will now serve as deputy director.
Man working at desk with piles of paperwork How Inflation Affects Tennessee’s State & Local Governments August 15, 2022 - Inflation raises operating costs at every level of government, but Tennessee's reliance on sales tax means state revenues may keep up with inflation better than those of local governments.
Tax Revenue Tracker - July 2022 Tennessee Tax Revenue Tracker for FY 2022 August 15, 2022 - Tennessee finished FY 2022 with a $1.6 billion unbudgeted surplus after collecting 28% more tax revenue than lawmakers initially budgeted.
Olivia and Leigh Meet Our Summer 2022 Interns: Leigh & Olivia August 10, 2022 - Get to know Leigh and Olivia, who interned with Sycamore during the summer of 2022.
Man writing "Know the rules!" on a chalkboard Tennessee’s New Education Funding Formula: What’s in Law and What’s Left to Decide? July 6, 2022 - Tennessee's new K-12 education funding law defines basic parameters, but other details and actual funding levels will depend on regulatory, budget, and policy decisions.
Tennessee’s Urban Counties Tend to Have Higher Incomes and Less Poverty than Other Parts of the State 2020 Income, Poverty, Health Insurance Coverage, and Education in Tennessee’s 95 Counties June 23, 2022 - On average, Middle Tennessee's urban counties have the state's highest education and income and the lowest poverty and uninsured rates.