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TN Tax Revenue Tracker - January 2020 Tennessee Tax Revenue Tracker for FY 2020 February 14, 2020 - Tennessee collected about $481 million (or 6%) more tax revenue through January 2020 than was originally budgeted for the current fiscal year.
Memphis population sign 4 Reasons an Accurate Census Matters for Tennessee February 12, 2020 - Tennessee will use the 2020 census to allocate taxpayer resources, redraw legislative districts, and make countless policy decisions over the next decade.
Governor Bill Lee at podium The Budget in Brief: Summary of Gov. Lee’s FY 2021 Recommended Budget February 7, 2020 - Gov. Lee unveiled a range of priorities with his second budget, most notably in the areas of teacher pay, literacy, mental health, and criminal justice.
Seema Verma How TennCare’s Block Grant Proposal Compares to New Federal Guidance January 31, 2020 - Even if Tennessee’s plan has a separate path to approval, it’s likely to undergo significant changes.
Tennessee Children Living In Poverty (2014-2018) 2018 Income, Poverty, Education, and Insurance Coverage in Tennessee’s 95 Counties January 15, 2020 - Census data for Tennessee's 95 counties continue to show large differences in household income, poverty, education level, and health insurance coverage.
What’s in Tennessee’s Medicaid Block Grant Request? November 22, 2019 - TennCare's latest proposal retains the same basic components as the September 2019 draft with some new specifics and assurances