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Health Policy Research & Analysis

Tennessee's Poor Health Hurts Our Economy Video: Tennessee’s Poor Health Hurts Our Economy September 12, 2018 - Tennessee is a great place to live. But we’re less healthy than the rest of the country, and that hurts our economy. Watch to learn how.
TennCare Enrollees Potentially Affected by a Work Requirement (2016) Obstacles to Work among TennCare Enrollees Potentially Affected by a Work Requirement August 24, 2018 - Education levels, poor health, and lack of home internet access or personal vehicles could hinder the ability of many to get and keep a job.
TN Together press conference The Opioid Epidemic in Tennessee: 2018 Update on New Policy Actions August 9, 2018 - We review the numerous steps Gov. Haslam and TN lawmakers took during the 2018 legislative session.

Budget Policy Research & Analysis

FY 2018-2019 Tennessee Tax Revenue Tracker September 19, 2018 - As of August 31, 2018, Tennessee had collected about 7% of its total budgeted revenue for the current fiscal year. Actual collections were about 3% higher than estimated.
Governors of Tennessee & the Recessions They Faced (1939 through May 2018) TN’s Next Governor Will Probably Face a Recession May 23, 2018 - When that recession comes, the governor’s options could prove more limited than in years past. Tough decisions lie ahead.
Healthy Debate 2018 Healthy Debate 2018: A Primer on Health & Budget Policy in Tennessee January 5, 2018 - A resource for any Tennessean who hopes to make or influence public policy in our state.