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Deidre Malone and Gabe Roberts Malone and Roberts Join Sycamore Board of Directors October 20, 2020 - Deidre and Gabe are perfect choices to help us take our efforts to the next level.
Tennessee Tax Revenue Tracker - September 2020 Tennessee Tax Revenue Tracker for FY 2021 October 19, 2020 - Through September 2020, Tennessee collected about $313 million (13%) more tax revenue than lawmakers originally budgeted for this point in the fiscal year.
College students in class 2019 Census Data on Tennesseans’ Education Levels October 1, 2020 - Differences in post-secondary education rates among white, black, and Hispanic Tennesseans are shrinking, but significant gaps remain.
Couple and doctor with clipboard 2019 Census Data on Health Insurance Coverage in Tennessee October 1, 2020 - The Tennesseans least likely to have health insurance in 2019 were men, Hispanics, younger adults, the unemployed, and people with less education & income.
Child getting a shot in arm Tennessee’s Public Health Infrastructure September 13, 2020 - From the flu to salmonella to COVID-19, major disease outbreaks often focus the public eye on public health. But what does that phrase mean, exactly?
Masked man looking at piece of paper Covid-19 and Medical Debt in Tennessee September 3, 2020 - Before COVID-19, one in five Tennesseans already had medical debt on a credit report. This pandemic and recession could make it an even bigger problem.