Health care fatigue builds as Congress mulls another ACA repeal bill


July 14, 2017 — The string of Affordable Care Act replacement bills seeping out of Congress is weighing on the state’s health care industry as it scrambles to parse yet another piece of legislation that faces a tough road to Senate passage.

Tennessee stands to take on greater autonomy on who and what is covered and how people are charged — just as it would with any of the prior proposed legislation.

“Congress is looking to give states more influence over health insurance in the individual market. If they succeed, the question for Tennessee policymakers becomes how to balance the public’s competing desires for lower premiums and guaranteed, affordable coverage of pre-existing conditions,” said Laura Berlind, executive director of the Sycamore Institute, a Tennessee-focused nonpartisan think tank.

Yet, even if no legislation is passed there are mechanisms in place for federal administrators to make changes to regulations or let Tennessee officials pursue insurance and TennCare changes.

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