Welcome to The Sycamore Institute!

Jim Bryson, The Sycamore Institute Board President 


Thank you for visiting our site and for your interest in better health for Tennesseans. We hope you find this site and all the communications from The Sycamore Institute to be informative and inspiring.

We all desire better health for ourselves, our family, friends and neighbors. Better healthcare for all Tennesseans is an ideal we all support. Even so, the pathway to getting there is fraught with differing opinions and often leads to vigorous debate. At the Institute, we believe such debate is healthy and leads to better decisions for Tennesseans. However, we also believe that debate without reliable information is simply argument.

“In a dark room, the person with a flashlight is king.”

I became involved with The Sycamore Institute because, as a Tennessee State Senator, I rarely enjoyed access to reliable data and information when important legislation came before me. With very little staff support, legislators are dependent on outsiders and lobbyists for information related to essentially every piece of legislation. Invariably, these information sources are biased since their sponsors are positively or negatively affected by the legislation under consideration. These advocates tend to draw attention to the areas they most want legislators to see. The rest remains cloaked in murkiness. There is rarely a light to illuminate the entire problem or all the consequences of the potential legislation.

The Sycamore Institute’s purpose is to research and lay out the facts surrounding healthcare policy decisions. The organization itself is not impacted by healthcare legislation. As an independent, non-partisan, non-profit, organization the Institute’s entire purpose is to provide reliable, trusted information to aid in better policy decisions for all Tennesseans.

The Sycamore Institute’s mission is to help policy-makers be more informed and make better decisions that result in healthier Tennesseans. This is a mission worth reaching for. Please join us as we work toward a healthier Tennessee.