For a Healthcare Fix, Tennessee Could Look North (Way, Way North)


July 26, 2017 — In Alaska, rides to a hospital can cost a small fortune. … But the state’s new Alaska Reinsurance Program is expected to lower premium costs by 20% for Alaska residents who buy insurance through the ACA marketplace, and other states are looking to Alaska as a model for insurance relief.

The Sycamore Institute suggests reinsurance could be an option for Tennessee. The Institute is a Nashville-based, nonpartisan public policy research center. They recently published an article, Options for Stabilizing Tennessee’s Individual Market.

“A federally-funded, state-run reinsurance or high-risk pool program could help reduce premiums in the state’s Marketplace,” the article says, “by insulating insurers from the costs of covering high-risk individuals. Federal funding for state-run reinsurance and/or high-risk pool programs is available under current law, and the Trump administration has encouraged states to apply for it.”

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